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Buffalo Pro Sports Daily on Cornell Green:

I did an interview for them with my thoughts on Cornell Green's Departure.

You can read the story here.

Raymond St. Martin covers the Raiders for the SB Nation Silver & Black. He warns Bills fans that they’re getting a guy as likely to make a drive-killing mistake as someone who pancakes a linebacker.

"Cornell Green is a penalty machine and the reaction from Raiders fans is they could not see him leave fast enough," St. Martin said. "He was brought to Oakland at Tom Cable’s request and he never did anything to warrant the starting position that was handed to him for two years."

Green moving on as a free agent was something St. Martin said the Raiders anticipated happening for months and made no real effort to bring him back.

"With the offensive line performing below expectations and the Raiders supposedly  having set their sights on Bruce Campbell in this year’s draft and having retained Khalif Barnes, it was expected that Cornell Green, the worst performer on a line that surrendered 49 sacks last season would not be back."  St. Martin said.

"Green was brought in as a zone blocking specialist and he committed too many costly penalties at key points in the game to be effective." I’ll take Langston Walker over Cornell Green any day of the week, especially on Sundays."

That last line was from B.A. Armstrong, not me.