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Why You Can Forget About Rolando McClain

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The Oakland Raiders seemingly have many different directions available in the 2010 NFL draft this April. That is the case when you pick eighth overall and you have a lot of needs to fill. One player that we've discussed a lot within this community here is Rolando McClain, a middle linebacker from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Today, McClain showed off some of his skills at his pro day. His 40 time was just a 4.74 the first time and then a 4.71 a second time, two times the reports suggest as "acceptable." Unfortunately, those times are why you can forget about Rolando McClain.

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As I mentioned above, this team has a lot of needs and there a lot of possible directions in which Al Davis could go. McClain is one of the many players we've discussing taking with the eighth overall pick. Other positions of great need include offensive tackle and defensive tackle, two positions that feature players that are within our reach with the eighth overall pick. Greg Ellis' release and Richard Seymour's age could have Al Davis thinking defensive end as well and we know cornerback isn't our most solid position outside of Nnamdi Asomugha. With all of that and McClain's not-so-fast 40 time, I don't expect Al Davis to really consider McClain with the eighth overall pick as much as I would love to have him donning the silver and black colors.