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That 1st pick (part 2): Btw. 2 Positions

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With over 50% of the votes in favor of taking a Defensive Tackle with our 1st Round pick (MLB taking 2nd place with 27% of the vote), we enter the next phase of our methodical process which seeks to insure no blunder is made on the first day of this draft.

Many in the Nation were vociferous about taking an Offensive Tackle with the 1st pick. An outpouring of concern was expressed for the welfare of Gradkowski - in whom so much hope for our success now resides. Many emphasized the need for sustaining longer drives which upgraded line would make possible - with the added advantage of keeping Tommy Kelly and Gerard Warren off the field as much as possible.

And so we come to the critical choice between the remaining positional contenders for our 1st draft pick of 2010.

Will it be a DT or an OT? One thing's for certain, a Tackle it will be if the Nation has a voice.