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Pro Day Schedule For Universities:

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So far my favorite Pro Day quote came from Javid Best. After running a 4.35 at the combine Best chose not to participate in Cal's Pro Day. Instead he rested on his performance in Indy quipping, "I think I showed them Raider speed".

Some mocks have Best going in the second round. I wonder IF Big Al would take him in the second IF he were available?

On another note, today is a big day for two linemen that I have my eye on, Mike Iupati and Matt Tennant as Boston College and Idaho will be having their pro days. I really would NOT mind trading down this year and grabbing Iupati in the mid first and then snagging Tennant in the 3rd or 4th.

Imagine if we could add:

Iupati (Great Iupati Read Here)




and the BPA in the 2nd