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Rumor Mill: 49ers QB Shaun Hill Given Permission to Seek a Trade

What? A Shaun Hill story on the front page? Well, it is March. Aside from it being championship week in college hoops, baseball starting up and the NBA about to enter its final month, what else is there to talk about? Anyway, the San Francisco 49ers have said to their former starting quarterback, Shaun Hill, that he can seek a trade according to a report. While he may get released, Hill may not want to sign with us at that point. With that said, should the Oakland Raiders explore trade possibilities?

Get the information after the jump and then cast a vote on the poll.

While nobody has thought of Hill has a legitimate long-term starter, he can still be a viable backup based on his career record (10-6) and career passer rating (87.3), both of which I have mentioned on the lovely picture caption to your right. Moving on, Hill isn't going to "wow" anyone with his arm strength or anything like that; however, his arm is accurate enough to make all of your league-average throws. With our offense not really all that complex, Hill shouldn't struggle with learning anything special. Zach Miller is very reliable and Darren McFadden is capable out of the backfield in the passing game. Louis Murphy and Chaz Schilens are big targets and guys that can make a play on the ball if it is thrown near them.

The 49ers are sitting at a crossroads. They can try to squeeze some value out of Hill, but since they do have four quarterbacks on the roster, it seems like they will eventually release someone. Whether or not that's Hill, I don't know. As for me, I think we should wait and see if they release him. If not, then try to go after him because San Francisco will still have Alex Smith and David Carr in front of him. Released or not, the 49ers should be open to moving Hill out somehow.