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7 Golden Steps to the Super Bowl: Only Al Davis could pull it off

Executing these 7 moves are sufficient to take the Oakland Raiders all the way to SB XLV:

Step 1: Draft Ndamukong Suh in 1st Round to play DT

Step 2: Draft Mike Iupati in 2nd Round to play OT (yes, convert him)

Step 3: Draft Patrick Angerer in 3rd Round to play MLB

Step 4: Reinstall 3-4 Defense (which Oakland used successfully in all 3 SB Championship victories)

Step 5: Ditch the Zone Blocking Scheme and Reinstall the pre-Kiffin Power Blocking Scheme

Step 6: Fire Cable and Hire Jon Gruden

Step 7: Get Michael Bush in top condition and rush him no less than 28 times/game