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Oakland Raider News: Rating The Oakland Raiders Off Season So Far

As of March 18th the Oakland Raiders have excersised the Addition by Subtraction Model of success and I must say that it looks to be shaping up for a great draft.

I know that I am missing some moves, so add them to the thread and I'll fill them in.


Justin Fargas (Overpaid), Gerard Warren (Overpaid), Greg Ellis (Old), Cornell Green (Played Out), Javon Walker (WAY overpaid)


Yamon Figurs (Upgrade over Russell/Reese/Holland on Kick Returns), Kemerion Wimbley (Youth and Speed)


Richard Seymour (Necesary), Khalif Barnes (Upgrade over Green), Sea-Bass (Necesary)

From looking at that list, I'd have to say that we will add a DT, to replace Warren, with a high pick in the draft and other than that it has been pretty quiet, but, actually compared to the last two seasons of FA signings and trades, that is a good thing.

I would have loved it IF we stepped up and signed Dunta Robinson, but other than that there hasn't really been a FA or player that has been traded for that has made me think twice.

Good job Raiders, I'll give you a B for the off-season, so far.