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Should the Raiders trade Asomugha for Suh?

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Oakland has a serious problem, we can't stop the run. Our Defensive finished 29th against the rush last year with most of the credit going to poor interior line performance. Our need for Defensive Tackle help is so great that many place it higher than the countervailing need of an OT. Now that Gerrard Warren is released and no move has been made to replace him during free-agency trades, it is apparent that Oakland will draft a DT. But, there is only one DT in this draft who is capable of both starting immediately and making a significant positive impact - we all know who that man is.

Most polls and mock drafts have the great DT from Nebraska, Ndamukong Suh, selected within the first 3 picks of the 1st round on April 22nd. However, most polls and mock drafts predict St. Louis will take either QB Sam Bradford or QB Jimmy Clausen w/pick #1. Detroit, picking 2nd, is predicted to take Oklahoma State's OT Russell Okung, Ndamukong Suh, or one of the top 3 DBs Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson, or Eric Berry.

Detroit desperately needs DBs and will have to get one high in this draft; the Lions finished dead-last - ranked 32nd - against the pass. Nnamdi is willing to be traded, he flirted with the idea of playing for the Jets with Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan last month. Moreover, an argument can be made that Nnamdi hurts us! How is that? Because by being, or believed to be, so good the passing attacks are planned and executed away from him which compounds the weakness we have on the other side. If we had a good, but not great, CB in Aso’s position then the pressure on CJ or Routt would be eased and QBs and OCs wouldn't have the luxury of pre-selecting targets when they play us. It’s not as though we’ll have nobody at RCB – Al is excellent at finding DBs and we can always put Huff or Branch in Aso's slot and move Mike 'the Missile" Mitchell to FS or SS.

Here is what we can do: Make an agreement with Detroit that they draft Suh with their 2nd pick and trade him to us for our All-Pro CB, Nnamdi Asomugha. Detroit is strapped for cash (and the 2nd pick's contract may well exceed Asomugha's). Rumor has it that Detroit is trying to trade down to avoid the financial hit that comes with picking 2nd. In this way we also keep our No. 8 pick for an OT or one of the great young CBs - Haden or Wilson.

Let's consider this deal. We would acquire the most dominant defensive player in the draft, someone who is destined for Pro-Bowl games for years to come. We want Suh! and we want him bad. How bad do we want him? Are we willing to sacrifice Nnamdi to get Ndamukong on our team?