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The 5 Names That Intrigue Me The Most After The Combine:

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The amazing part of this draft is that the positions that we are weakest in are fixable through this draft. We can walk away with a stud RT, ILB, C and DB (To compliment Nnamdi) while taking the best player available at each slot and getting deeper on special teams.

I am less sold on Rolando McClain than I was before the combine and I see him slipping down the charts while players like Angerer are moving up.

It would be interesting to see how the Raiders work this draft with the picks that we have and the needs that are also present, but, because it is the Raiders drafting we will probably be heartbroken again as we watch other teams draft the Eugene Monroe's of the World after we select a second round talent in the first round and a 4th round talent in the 2nd.

After the jump, you'll see my 5 sleepers:

Torell Troup - At 6'3" and 315 lbs, he would be quite a load on the D-Line and may be had in the 4th Round or Later.

LaMarr Houston - Either Troup or Houston look to be better picks than Cody at this point. It is refreshing to see so much talent at positions of need this year.

Pat Angerer - He is my ILB. A fearless leader who will punch you right in the mouth and not say he's sorry. He reminds me a lot of Bill Romanowski. He has a great mix of athletisism and football playerism. He was originally slotted in the 3rd-4th Round but I doubt that he'll last past the second round.

Syd'Quan Thompson - At 5'9" he is definitely on the small side, but he had the Nnamdi effect for Cal last year, nobody dared throw the ball in his direction and I am surprised to see him falling all the way to the third round in some mock drafts, especially since he can also return kicks very well.. IF he is available when we pick in the 3rd Round, he HAS to be in Silver and Black.

Eric Olsen - This is my kind of Center. He has great footwork and he plays mean!!! He only surrendered one sack last year after transitioning to Center from Guard. He is projected to go in the 3rd - 5th Round and I would not be shy about taking him in the 3rd Round.

These are 5 names that I would be happy with an NONE of them project into the first round. The more I look at it, we can take an O-Lineman with the #8 pick and then fill the rest of our needs by the end of the 4th Round.






I'd take THAT, then draft the BPA (Best Player Available) for the next 4 picks.