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Anyone Else Feeling Uneasy- Thoughts on the 2010 NFL Draft

Call me paranoid, but this draft to me looks so questionable it's not even funny. There's only a few guys who look like sure-things in the NFL, and several that look like sure-busts. The potential is of course there for all these players, but the risk seems far greater than it has in many years to me.

Phrases like "next DeSean Jackson", "the star of the decade", and "elite NFL prospect" are being thrown around very lightly, and I'm not just talking about Tim Tebow.

The busts swallow up this draft like shadows swallow a cave, but for those who venture into this cave, they may find some precious gems.

Let's look at who I consider the busts and bravos of the 2010 draft.

-Dez Bryant, WR, BUST-



Tough, great hands, great speed, very much like a T.O.; maybe more so than teams would like to believe. Character issues, an air of selfishness, all spells T.O. to me.

While Bryant is definitely the top-WR prospect in this draft, he's the one I would steer away from. There's already a learning curve at receiver which can be as long as 4 years, but throw in the fact that Bryant played in a spread offense and missed an entire year of football and suddenly that next playmaker looks like the next big-time bust.

Suddenly, a couple years of ineptitude can turn into a disinterest and disgruntle and you end up with a crybaby receiver. I think he could be a great receiver once he gets through the learning curve, but i don't think he'll even get halfway through the curve before he basically quits.

-Jimmy Clausen, QB, BUST-



I love Notre Dame, and I love Clausen, but tell me if you've heard this one before.

A Notre Dame quarterback with great decision-making and phenomenal accuracy. Has a fun time playing and is a great leader. Has some pretty good mobility and has all the intangibles to be great.

This isn't Joe Montana's profile, but that of Brady Quinn. Montana, Quinn, and Clausen all are very similar, but the latter two lack that "it" factor. I still seem hope for Quinn, but for Clausen I see little. Clausen is actually worse off in my book. Having far less success than Quinn did in college, Clausen is considered a first-rounder because he finally started looking good only last year and had a pretty turnover-to-TD ratio. That just doesn't do it for me. If you can't get a team past 6-6, then I don't consider you a first or even second round QB.




Spiller is widely considered the best back in the draft by almost everyone, I'm not one of those people. The thought here is that teams are now looking for the next Chris Johnson. Speedy, dynamic, great pass catcher, and has some good power to him.

Spiller has the speed, the moves, the excitement, but not the power to stand out in the league. I never saw him do anything spectacular towards breaking a tackle other than just spinning around. Who else got to where they are by just spinning around? Reggie Bush, Jerious Norwood, Darren McFadden, etc. None of these backs has impressed me, nor amounted to much in the league (Bush being quite possibly the most overrated player in football this isde of Tim Tebow)

You can't make it in this league if you can't break tackles and consistently fall forward. Spiller just doesn't have the strength of the natural motor to do so. Sounds reminiscent of our own McFadden.

Spiller could be a Reggie Bush for teams, that dynamic X-factor. But he's not a starting running back for a good team, and should not be drafted by any teams but good ones who are already stocked and looking for that extra shiny new offensive weapon. Teams looking for Spiller to be their star back for years to come will be very disappointed.

-Joe Haden, CB, OVERRATED-



The consensus around the league is that Haden is going to be a Darrel Revis-like star. That consistent shutdown corner who can make spectacular plays.

Darrel Revis? More like DeAngelo Hall. I can't see him being a great bump-and-run corner with the great receivers in this league. Now I think he could do wonders in a zone scheme, but I can't see him being successful as a man corner.

He has the speed for it, but not the strength or the moves. As we know all to well, speed is definitely not everything in this league. That's all I see from him, speed. Nothing more, nothing less. Now I don't think he'll be bad, but I can't see him ever being a star. He'll be like DeAngelo, a good corner in the right scheme with some great plays. But not enough great plays to ever truly be great.

-Ryan Matthews, RB, BRAVO-



Fast, powerful, a motor that just never stops running, Ryan Matthews will be an even bigger star than Suh.

That's right, i said it, mark it down.

Matthews has every single attribute it takes to be a top-5 RB in this league and I don't think it's crazy to think so. Matthews just does everything so well and has no real faults I can think of. He has playmaker speed, refuses to go down, and can slide through even the smallest holes. Think back to that game the Raiders had against Miami in 07, where Fargas tore Miami up. Now picture that every single game and you have Ryan Matthews.

Just watch the highlight video if you don't believe me. Ryan Matthews Highlights

I envy the team that drafts this future superstar. Unfortunately that will probably the Chargers :(

-Mike Iupati, G, BRAVO-



Wow is he one mean-looking son of a gun. Iupati is the Joe Thomas of offensive guards. Remember, Joe Thomas? That elite OT for the Browns. The one GREAT draft choice of the 07 draft for them.

Well this is him in guard form. Really really mean and tough guard form. An absolute mauler in the run and a great pass rusher, i honestly have no faults with him. Whoever gets Iupati will get a Pro Bowl guard for the decade. Really hoping Oakland gets him.

Now then, I just stated some of these bravos and busts, just the ones i think aren't getting the buzz they deserve. Of course Suh will be a Pro Bowl DT, and McCoy will probably be even better than Warren Sapp. Bradford will be good after a couple years and I think Tate could be a good receiver in the Miles Austin mold.

Hope you enjoyed, thoughts and opinions?