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Comcast Continues It's Sponsorship Of SBN's Sites:

As the Blogosphere continues to grow, it is looking more and more like our piece of it, Silver and Black Pride and SBN as a whole, has found a worthy sponsor in Comcast.

As many of you know, SBN has been around for 7 years and in order for us to enjoy this platform as it grows a Big sponsor is necesary and I think that Comcast's connections in the Bay Area can only help us, as a community, grow. 

Comcast will be sponsoring a weekly post that is relevant to the NFL and this Blog in particular.

For those of you with Comcast you will be hapy to know that they will be offering the following this NFL season:

1) The return of the Red Zone Channel

2) NFL Network On Demand allow you to watch every NFL game as soon as 24 Hours after it aired.

3) Leading up to the Draft this On Deman Channel will have profiles on the Top 100 Prospects leading up to the draft.

This is big news for Blogs in general and that means that we are one step closer to being respected as writers and not just hacks in our mother's basement.