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The Stanford Routt Tender Was Like a Kick In The Stomach:

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Last season was made painfully unwatchable at times due to the terrible play of Stanford Routt. From the Vincent Jackson Touch Down in the Opening game to each subsequent pass interference, defensive hold and flat out burn Stanford Routt seemed to be near a big non play or penalty late in a game and I was certain that he'd be gone this year. Check that, I prayed and ranted for him to be gone this year.

Then, this week, with a big one finger salute, Al Davis proved that his ego is bigger than this team once again as he showed who's boss in Oakland by giving this scrub the highest possible tender and a contract over 3 million dollars a year.

To put this in some perspective, Stanford Routt, who was hanging onto the dime corner spot with his finger nails was offered as high a  tender (First and Third Round Pick) asDeMeco Ryans (Pro Bowler), Owen Daniels (Pro Bowler) and Austin Miles (Pro Bowler). He also received higher tenders than cornerstones of the defense, Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison.

Was Al not watching as Mike Mitchell took over the Routt's nickel spot? Did he not see how terrible Routt was for the defense? Or was his LOVE of HIS PICKS once again blinding him to the truth.

Raider nation, this does NOT bode well for our season. Not at all. Al is paying his guys and will now PLAY his guys again. This is just the first sign, but, I expect to see #2 under center with no real "Open" competition in the Summer. All bets are off, for me, at this point. This really stinks.