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Rumor Mill: Wide Receiver Antonio Bryant Has Visits Lined Up

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Last season, Oakland Raiders wide receivers were simply not a productive bunch. While not all of that falls onto their shoulders due to inept quarterback "play," we do need to upgrade at that position. Young guys like Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy could use a veteran presence to sort of guide them along the way.

That leads me to Antonio Bryant, an eight-year veteran who has spent time with the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and most recently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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According to a recent Twitter report, free agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant left Cincinnati Bengals headquarters without a contract today. His agent, per the St. Petersburg Times, denied an upcoming visit with the Washington Redskins; however, his agent did say that the receiver has "another couple of visits lined up." That leads me to wonder that there is a very remote possibility of the Raiders being a potential landing spot for the free agent wide receiver.

This move, in my opinion, would make sense for Oakland. Although Bryant caught just 39 passes in 13 games this past season, he could provide some other things as previously mentioned. Still, he's just one season removed from career-best 2008 season in which he caught 83 passes for 1,248 yards and even added seven scores. If the knee is totally healthy from last season's issues, Bryant could push youngsters Schilens and Murphy for a starting gig. Some competition for those guys could be good and everyone would be striving to do their absolute best. If not, Bryant would be a very nice slot receiver and gives the team another legitimate option on the field.

What say you, nation? Is bringing in Antonio Bryant a good idea?