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While the Haters Hate: The Raiders Continue to Wait

There is absolutely NO news from the team about "Fabulous" McNabbulous joining Terrible Owens to create the most riveting daytime drama since Amway, Bo and Luke ruled the Soap World. So, for now, I can only believe that Al Davis, behind the curtain, is doing what he can to get McNabb, while TMZ is being used to let Al know that Donovan has ZERO interest in coming to Oakland.

Wednesday we learned Donovan McNabb has no interest in playing for the Oakland Raiders, according to the fine reporting of TMZ.

"A source close to McNabb tells TMZ, 'He does NOT want to play for the Raiders and would refuse the trade'," according to the report.


TMZ leads the way in breaking the news? Man, what has this World come to? I bet it was one of McNabb's "Hostesses" who leaked the story, I mean, what credible sources can they have? I digress...