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By method or madness: discerning the intentions of Al

Let's try a different approach, basing Al's draft choices on candidates that the Raiders have actually gone to the trouble of calling in for a workout. If the intentions of Al et al. can be discovered from the following then, at least, we will be better prepared for what lies ahead. These players were all invited and came to workout in the presence of Al himself.


Maurkice Pouncey - Florida (HT: 6-4⅛ WT: 304 40: 5.23) projected 1st - high 2nd round

Matthew Tennant - BC (HT: 6-4½ WT: 300 40: 5.16) projected: 3rd round

Note: Here's a clear indication that Center is high priority that most of us were not emphasizing enough. I for one was looking ahead to Wisniewski next year but would be ecstatic with a solid Center. No Raider team has gone far without a great Center such as Barrett Robbins, Don Mosebar, Dave Dalby, Jim Otto (5 Super Bowls with these Centers and none without.


Golden Tate - Notre Dame (HT: 5-10¼ WT: 199 40: 4.42) projected 2nd round

Trent Guy - Lousiville (HT: 5-8 WT: 171 40: 4.52) projected: 7th round or untaken

Note: Be prepared for a WR in the 2nd round; perhaps the next Tim Brown.


Jamar Chaney - Mississippi St. (HT: 6-0¾ WT: 242 40: 4.54) projected 3rd round

Note: Not a horrible choice in the 3rd even though Jamar is not a hard hitter and although he played college ball in the Deep South, he grew up safely away from ts corrosive influences.

Defensive Tackle:

Tyson Alualu - California (HT: 6-2⅜ WT: 295 -40: 4.87) projected: 3rd - 4th round

Note: We've only brought in a single DT and he lives 10 miles away. This does not bode well unless we are set on him.

Dekoda Watson - Florida State (HT: 6-1⅜ WT: 240 40: 4.56)
projected: 4th round


Jerry Hughes - TCU (HT: 6-2 WT: 255 40: 4.69) projected: 3rd round

Daniel Te'o-Nesheim - Washington (HT: 6-3½ - WT: 263 - 40: 4.75) projected: 6th round

Offensive Tackle:

Marshall Newhouse - TCU (HT: 6-3¾ WT: 319 40: 5.00) projected 6th round [note: reports that he will be converted to Guard in the NFL)
Kevin Haslam - Rutgers (HT: 6-4¾ WT: 304) projected: 7th round

Nic Richmond - TCU (HT: 6-7 WT: 310) projected 7th round

Note: Could one of these hidden gems make us forget Trent Williams and, in Newhouse's case, Iupati and become the answer to our prayers?


Leroy Vann - Florida A&M (HT: 5-9 WT: 188) projected 7thround

Note: Would Stanford Routt, if nobody else, be delighted with this acquisition?


Chad Jones - LSU (HT: 6-2⅛ WT: 221 40: 4.57) projected: 2nd - 3rd round

Stevie Brown - Michigan (HT: 5-11 WT: 212 - 40: 4.52) projected: 7th round

Andrew Sandejo - Rice (HT: 6-1 WT: 221) projected: 7th or untaken

Note: Men have far worse fetishes than Safeties.


Sean Canfield - Oregon State (HT: 6-3¾ - WT: 223 40: 4.99) projected: 6th round

Mike Kafka - Northwestern (HT: 6-2⅞ WT: 225 40: 4.93) projected: 6th round

Jonathan Crompton - Tennessee (HT: 6-3 WT: 225 40: 4.89) projected: 6th round

Note: We do not have a 6th round pick so be looking for one of these in the 7th.


Curtis Steele - Memphis (HT: 5-11-0 WT: 190 40: 4.60) projected 7th round

Note: the antithesis of a FB and not what many of us were hoping for in the 7th.

Love it or hate it, things may go like this:

Round 1 (draft pick #8) Center: Maurkice Pouncey


Round 2 (draft pick #39) Wide Receiver: Golden Tate


Round 3 (draft pick #69) Middle Linebacker: Jamar Chaney


Round 4 (draft pick #116) Defensive Tackle: Tyson Alualu


Round 5 (draft pick #148) Offensive Tackle: Marshall Newhouse


Round 7 (draft pick #225) Quarterback: Mike Kafka