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I Need A Head Count For The 2010 NFL Draft Party In SF on 4-22:

We will be gathering at the new Public House in San Francisco (The Sports Bar at AT&T Park) on Thursday April 22nd for the First Round of the NFL Draft. This is set in stone.

My plan is to create a big board for the first three rounds, roughly the top 100 players that we would like on our team. This came in handy last year when Phil Loadholt was still available in the third round, although the Raiders passed on him, he was screaming to be picked.

Those in attendance may witness my hands in my head or Blanda's shrieks of joy or disgust depending upon who is selected.

Let's gather at 3-3:30. I am working on getting some drink and food specials and I need to know how many of you can make it out.

Please RSVP to this thread or e-mail me personally at to confirm your attendance.

I am also checking with Ricky about being at his place on Friday or Saturday and then at Britania Arms in San Jose on the other day.

This should be one heckuva pub crawl!?!?!

And oh yeah, isn't it nice to have Brandon Marshall out of the AFC West!!! ALthough we will still see him, and on a better team once this year, when the Dolphins visit!?!