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SABP Special Feature-Talkin' With Tyvon: Offseason Special Edition(s)


Hello Raider Nation, Ive been away on some other matters for a little bit, but I'm back now and am very pleased to bring back to our Community for the offseason, one of our favorite and most respected players, #33 Tyvon Branch.

For those of you that were not around during the 2009 regular season, SABP brought the weekly feature, Talkin' With Tyvon, where Tyvon answered questions about the happenings of the regular season from SABP staff and then later, answered your posted questions.

Tyvon is back now during this offseason on a monthly basis, then during the regular season will be back to the normal weekly slot.

I had a chance to catch up with Tyvon to pose some questions during this early part of the offseason, which you can read after the jump. I invite all of you now to ask Tyvon your questions in the comment section and Tyvon will be around later to answer them.

Hey Raider Fans!!! It is great to be back chatting with you guys. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page at as well as my twitter page @tyvonbranch. I am posting a lot of fun things up there involving the team. I have some videos of all of us hanging out. I think you will enjoy them. I look forward to staying in touch with you guys throughout the summer and into the season….GO RAIDERS!!!



SABP: Can you give Raider Nation some insight into how your offseason going so far?


TB: The offseason is going very well. I took a month or so to recoup and recharge my body. During that time I reconnected with a lot of family and friends back in Syracuse, and kept the training to light lifting and focused more on cardio.


SABP: What are your personal goals for this offseason compared to the previous two?


TB: As I gain more experience, my focus shifts to truly understanding the game more. I am watching a lot more film as well as training differently to maintain my body throughout the season. 


SABP: From what you have seen so far, have you noticed a change in the offence since the arrival of Hue Jackson?


TB: There have been a few changes, but mostly we are trying to get back out there and compete. So far, our team stuff is very limited and more in the classroom. Once OTA’s roll around, and some packages are implemented I am sure we will see good things.


SABP: For the last 7 seasons the Achilles' heel for the Raiders defense has been stopping the run. Has the problem with the run defense in the past been personnel, scheme or discipline? What measures do you see the team taking this year to fix that problem?


TB: I am not sure what the plan is regarding personnel, but I do know that we are growing as a team and getting better. Seymour up front is an amazing talent, and I am sure he will continue to be a force. Each season brings something new, and I know we are focusing on run defense as a unit.


SABP: The Raiders have not had a winning season since 2002 and we know that for every Raider from top to bottom does not want to tolerate another losing season. Has there been any sense from the front office, the coaching staff and down to the players at the end of last season and through this offseason so far, that things will be changing for the Raiders fortunes this year?


TB: Absolutely. I think our team is really starting to mature. Depending on how the pieces fall during the draft, I am really looking forward to big things. I know the team is focused on winning this year.


Thanks Tyvon and we will be looking forward to next month’s segment.