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Let's Get Our 2010 Big Board Together: (Updated)

I will have a BIG BOARD at BOTH of the draft parties this weekend and we can work off of that to see who we want when the picks come up.

Being that the first day is set up for us, without a trade,  to select only one of our top 8 players, I have listed my Top 8, in order of how I would select them.

1) Patrick Okung

2) Suh

2) Cody

3) Trent Williams

4) McClain

5) Dan Williams

6) Berry

7) Clausen

8) Bulaga

That is my Top 8 for the Raiders.

Give me your Top 8 and we'll take it from there.

Given this Board, one of these players could be in Silver and Black and I am very excited about that.

Go RAIDERS!!! And I hope to meet the locals in Saint Francisco or Saint Leandro this week!!!