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Updates on Oakland Raider 2010 Draft Party:

On Thursday I will be arriving at the Public House in San Francisco to set up the Big Board for the day and start working on creating the Ultimate Big Board.

The Public House is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and is attached to AT&T Park. I am considering inviting fans from every SBN site who live in the Bay to join us. I will post a poll and ask you guys what you think.

The coverage for Round One begins at 4:30 PST and I am not sure when the first pick will be made. So far we only have 10 people confirmed to be there, so please confirm if you will be there so that I can make arrangements for the best possible seating.

On Friday, Ricky Ricardo, the owner of Ricky's Sports Theater, has graciously invited us to set up shop at his Restaurant. It is 99% likely that we will have a current Oakland Raider there to enjoy the draft with us and sign autographs starting at 4PM.

I will be there by 2:30 setting up the Big Board and closely watching all of the pre-draft movement. With so many players possibly heading out of town for more picks, this promises to be a very interesting day. Let's just hope that the player who comes is still in Silver and Black when the draft ends!!! We have only 4 people confirmed, so please once again, show up if you can. This is the biggest thing that we've done as a site and I would love to have a decent turnout so that we can do more things like this.