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Open Thread: 2010 NFL Schedule Release Special

The NFL has decided that today, April 20, is a good date to release the entire 2010 NFL schedule for all 32 teams and for all 17 weeks for the regular season. Coming up at 4:00 p.m. Pacific on ESPN2's special SportsCenter, we will know exactly who's playing who and when.

We already have ourselves a few spoilers from this morning.

Week 17 will only feature divisional games for the first time in NFL history. Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that this morning with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, two hosts for an ESPN radio program.

"We actually have 28 divisional games in those last three weeks, as opposed to 15 for the 2009 season, and all 16 of the final Week 17 games will be divisional games," Goodell said on "Mike & Mike in the Morning."

Secondly, the Minnesota Vikings will visit the New Orleans Saints to kick off the season in a rematch from the great 2009 NFC Championship Game last year. This one was released by Mr. Goodell on his own and not by those that actually make the schedules themselves.

"I know I will get in trouble from our scheduling makers for releasing this in advance, but the Saints will be hosting the Minnesota Vikings for our kickoff game. It should be a great celebration in a great city," Goodell said in the chat.

Well, have at it.