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The 4th day of the NFL Draft: When Free Agent Deals Are Done

After having been through this "Blogging the Draft" thing for 5 seasons now, I want to share a few things with you that could help make your experience even better.

1) Keep in mind that immediately following the draft there will be a multitude of free agent signings. Many of the players that we have targeted for the 6th and 7th rounds will be waiting by the phone while their agents work out deals that will best suit their clients.

By Sunday Night many of these players will have found homes while some of the more notables that fall may take an extra day or two.

Players like Kyle Calloway, Alex Parsons, Chris Brown, Jeff Byers, Mike McGlaughlin, Kyle Bosworth, Jevan Snead, Trindon Holliday, James Ruffin, Matt Clapp. Sean Canfield and Mike Tepper may be around after the 7th Round and I know that the Raiders could use a few of those guys.

Last year we snagged Desmond Bryant, Nick Miller, Jerome Boyd and David Nixon

Here is a list of all of the free agent signings last year by each team.

This is without a doubt the deepest pool of talent that I've seen since I've been doing this and Sunday will be very interesting.


2) Don't think that the Raiders will do what you expect them to do. They will draft fast guys that look good coming off of the bus. That is what they do. If Trent Williams is available and Bruce Campbell is the pick, don't have a heart attack. Just step away from everyone you know and let out a HUGE "%$#$ You Al Davis" and return to your beer.

3) Try and keep your own Big Board. I use CBS's Draft Scout page and then widdle away until I have the names that I want next.

4) Tune in here, as we will have info flying around very quickly and please contribute if you can. It is all of us doing our part that make this site so comprehensive.

With that being said...GO RAIDERS!!! I am off to San Francisco to get ready for tonight.