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Open Thread: Round 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft

Originally posted: April 23, 2010 12:00 AM

Let it continue! [via]

After a fun opening round in the 2010 NFL Draft, we're back at it again with the second and third rounds today. This is your thread for the second round. I'll have a third round thread up just as we near the end of the second round so we can all hop on over there when the time is right.

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So, just to recap, you may have heard that our Oakland Raiders selected linebacker Rolando McClain out of the University of Alabama yesterday. Just about everybody is in agreement with the pick. We are not disappointed at all. It could have been much, much worse than this.

Moving forward, the second round provides some interesting storylines no doubt. Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen has yet to be drafted. Although the second round is considered a reach for quarterback Colt McCoy out of Texas by some, he is someone a few teams likely have their eye on. Speaking of Texas, outside linebacker and defensive end Sergio Kindle was considered a first round talent by many and he's still on the board. The first round is over, but there is definitely a lot of quality talent still available. Let's hope the Raiders continue to make smart picks.

The second round is slated to begin at 3:00 p.m. Pacific on ESPN and NFL Network. After the first hour comes to a close on ESPN, their coverage then moves to ESPN2. I have to admit that I enjoyed NFL Network's coverage a little more after initially thinking ESPN was the way to go.

Have at it!