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You get to hit somebody every play at middle linebacker--Rolando McClain

This was McClain's answer when he was asked what he liked about playing MLB. Me likey!

In case anyone else is wondering, I consulted my doctor and he said there is no cause for alarm when experiencing an erection lasting for more than 4 hours after hearing the Raiders picked Rolando McClain. Phew!

The more I learn about this guy talents (thanks JaKe) and attitude, the more I like love this pick. If you haven't read it, he held a post pick Q and A with the media that shed great insight into what he will be bringing to the table. Again, me likey!

One of the reasons the Raiders run D has been so pathetic is their impressive ability to surrender huge plays. The Raiders over pursuit and lack of discipline are largely to blame. McClain is a guy that is not easily fooled. He has great instincts and he knows how to study opponents. Not only is he going to do what he can to get himself in position to make the play, but he is going to help and demand that his teammates be in position as well.

Let's give it up to Mr. Davis for showing flexibility. It was widely assumed that McClain wouldn't be picked, because Al doesn't pick LB's this high and McClain doesn't have Raider speed. So, Mr. Davis, you crazy ol' dog, kudos to you and your new tricks.

Tom Cable was quoted recently saying the Raiders plan on using more 3-4 looks next year and the talent they have certainly seems to lend itself to this idea. They are building up a wealth of hybrid OLB/DE pass rusher's. Hand up 3-4, hand down 4-3. Obviously there is a little more to it than that, but you get the drift.

The only thing they are missing now is the NT to run a 3-4 or any other defense that wants to consistently stop the run.

They should have several draft options to fill this spot. Terrence "Mt" Cody may be available at 39. He is the prototypical NT. He is a OL lineman eating talent, but this isn't all he is eating. I hope they don't go anywhere near him. This is a guy that lost about 25 lbs. to weigh in at the combine at 350. A 21 year old DT that has to lose 25 lbs to increase his paycheck scares the hell out of me. The last thing this team needs is someone racing JaMarcus to the buffet line and a NT that looks to me like he is headed to a short career.

This leads us to a much better option. It looks like there is a strong chance that Linval Joseph and/or Cam Thomas will be available when the Raiders draft at 69. Both of these guys have the potential to be 1st and 2nd down run stuffing NT's, which is all the Raiders need. I think Kelley will be excellent on passing plays on the interior line. Seymour will be able to bounce all over the line as he can be an uncovered end or he can be inside one of the hybrid OLB/DE's on passing plays.

This is the way to go, as it will free the Raiders to go after an OT with the 39th pick. It is looking like at least one of these OT's will be available: Rodger Saffold, Charles Brown and our old pal Bruce Campbell. While Campbell was almost universally ripped as a possible 1st round pick, I think he is an interesting 2nd round pick and I would be happy with any of these guys.

Weigh in on Rated-R's poll as to who they should draft at 39! 

Today was a good day.... I got the brew, my girlfriends got the chronic. The Lakers beat the Supersonics. Alright, today could've been better, but I'll save that lament. Thank you Mr. Davis and Viva la Raiders!