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The Draft Party Is ON at Ricky's!!!

Link to Ricky's

If you guys thought that the 65 inch TV was something last night, wait until you see the stadium seating, 240 inch TV and surround sound at Ricky's!!!

The draft is kicking off at 3PM, so come early. I will have a section reserved for us. Also, bring you laptops and smart phones because the action is going to be very fast and furious and we won't want to miss ANYTHING!!!

On another note, I just met JaMarcus Russell and he is in FANTASTIC shape. Don't believe the 290 pound hype. He was cool, and he signed an autograph for Bud Light who just had a baby yesterday. He said that McClain is his boy and that he likes the pick.

Maybe Hue Jackson will work with him and he will be our QB...Maybe...I do know that I am definitely more of a fan after meeting him. Odd how that works huh?