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Fourth Round Big Board Construction:

Before SOB, Spirals and I left Ricky's last night we put together our draft strategy for today. Knowing that the pace will be fast and furious we put together our plan for the rest of the draft.

Our consensus was that we need two fourth round picks. These will allow us to snag Mitch Petrus and Dan Lefevoer. Then we want Syd'Quan Thompson, Eric Olsen, McGlaughlin and Armanti Edwards.

There has been a huge surprise though. LaMarr Houston is being converted to DE, so we will need Cam Thomas unless we are moving to a 3-4 with Kelly at the nose and Houston and Seymour on the edges or unless Desmond Bryant has suddenly ballooned to 335.

Cam Thomas

Mitch Petrus

Dan Lefoever


Olsen/Tennant - Move to Guard

Armanti Edwards


Filler if our guys are gone, Skelton, Snead and Kafka. We need a QB. Gradkowski's injury is killing us and JaMarcus has not shown that he can be the man.

Those are the guys I want with the remaining picks. How about you?