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Heartfelt thanks to Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders’ Coaches and Staff

The players you have acquired make us happy and hopeful. We appreciate your thorough preparation and intelligent steely-nerved execution throughout this preseason and especially these past 3-days. With finesse and poise you demonstrated sophistication and mastery.


The Silver & Black phenomena is like nothing else whatsoever. May the name "Oakland", which is synonymous with "Raiders", again and always evoke an immediate association with speed, intimidation and devastation.


Let this moment mark the beginning of "The Raiders' Decade" with the same commitment to excellence you've showed us carried out each week. Let no Raider ever give any team or single opponent quarter till the game is over and the victory is ours.  


Raider Class of 2010


Jason Campbell, QB

Rolando McClain, ILB,

Lamarr Houston, DE

Jared Veldheer, OT

Bruce Campbell, OT

Jacoby Ford, WR

Walter McFadden, CB

Travis Goethel, ILB/ST

Jeremy Ware, CB

Stevie Brown, S

Manase Tonga, FB

Trent Guy, WR

Alex Daniels, DE

Alex Parsons, G

Brashton Satele, ILB/DE

Andre’ Anderson, RB

Chane Moline, FB

Kellen Heard, DT/RT