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UDRFA Kellen Heard - RT/DT - Memphis Signed By The Oakland Raiders

No, your eyes are not fooling you, Kellen Heard is a very talented player who played on both sides of the ball for Memphis last year. He was a project on the O-Line and a very talented DT that plays with a mean streak. (SOB will love this guy)

At 6-6, 355, he is quite a load on either side of the ball who is best known for being a tough defender who hit Colt McCoy late in 2006.

Here is the You Tube Clip of the hit.

You think he taught Colt to never take his eyes off the filed of his helmet off before he's in the clear?

Once again, the Oakland Raiders have added a multi-talented player that fits two needs. I am very curious how this will play out. I guess we'll know this weekend when the rookies report for the first time in Alameda.