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Fun With the Raiders 2010 Draft Class Quotes

The following is an article I pieced together based on some of the interviews given by the newest Oakland Raiders Draft class of 2010. The picks go in order of the round the players were drafted. All of the following quotes are true quotes from the draftees. All of the full interviews with these players can be found on

First Round Draft Choice Rolando McClain:

"I was at a loss for words. All the work I've put in for the last twenty years has paid off. I had no idea that the Raiders were that interested in me. They weren't like the other teams I thought were interested. {Coach Cable} asked me if I could lead this defense, and I said of course I can."

Rolando, of the 2010 draft class you are my favorite. In fact, you are my favorite from like the last six years. You are the first one in approximately that period of time that I've actually wanted the Raiders to draft in the first round. I just want to say, welcome to the Raiders family, now what are you going to give us?

"My intensity; not just as a football player, but as a teammate and friend to these guys. I know the Raiders haven't been winning a lot these last few seasons, but everything happens for a reason. Now, my personality as far as meeting guys, I'm too much of an outgoing guy, but when it comes to football, I love to win. I do what I have to do for the team and the defense to have success. I'm gonna do my job and I pride myself on stopping the run. I think we're all gonna do what we have to do to stop the run."

Wow my man, that is almost as impressive as your resume. Going from a 7-6 team when you arrived in your freshman year to winning a National Championship in your junior year at the school. That is quite an accomplishment for anybody.

"Coach {Nick} Saban showed me what to watch and how to watch film. I have a certain order to how I watch film. I give all the credit to coach Saban for being what I am. Coach has made me what I am now. He was a great role model and a father figure."

Second Round Pick Lamarr Houston:

"I was very alated, I'm happy to be a Raider. So much history in there and their fans; I grew up in California; I was born in San Francisco. My brother-in-law used to make me watch all types of Raiders games when he was dating my sister."

I have to say Lamarr, your brother-in-law sounds like he is a pretty good guy. You are a pretty lucky guy, not only do you get to come to your home state, but you get the opportunity to play for a team that you grew up idolizing. You must be doing something right in life to get to line up next to guys like Nnamdi Asomugha and Richard Seymour.

"It's an honor to play with Richard Seymour. Hopefully this year, we can make him a pro bowler again."

Hopefully, this year you guys develop a strong bond and both of you make the Pro Bowl and help this team beat those San Diego Stupid Chokers. That would be a dream come true for me, I challenge you to make it happen Mr. Houston.

Third Round Pick Jared Veldheer:

"We ran a lot of multi formational single back offense, lot of inside zone {blocking}. I'm very comfortable with outside zone, inside zone; I'm pretty familiar, pretty comfortable with how those schemes work. I can't wait to start the hard work as a Raider. "

This kid sounds like he is very bright. He was actually studying to be a doctor, taking steps to go to medical school, thus the division II Hillsdale College. It's obvious that smarts are important to him, because he did receive some division I offers like Purdue, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan. Jared said he chose Hillsdale for their outstanding academics. You, sir, are a hard worker and a solid addition.

Fourth Round Draft Pick Bruce Campbell:

"I always feel like I have something to prove, ever since the combine where people felt like I was a workout warrior. But I'm a good football player too, now I have an opportunity to prove that with the Raiders."

Yes, indeed, you do Mr. Campbell and now, thanks to some crafty drafting, you will actually have to prove yourself instead of just getting fat paid right out of the gate. Some people have said that Al Davis slept right up until the moment the Raiders drafted you.

"That's where the cards fell, I know what I'm going to brings to the table when I get there and I have a chip on my shoulder. I didn't play special team at all in Maryland, but it's something I would love to do...I would love to do it. I love the game so much, I'm a team player."

Hey, now you're talking. I love the attitude. Now lace your cleats up and knock the snot out of somebody with all those muscles you have. You will be a good right guard, I can sense it.

Fourth Round Pick Jacoby Ford:

"I definitely think it helps out a lot going from the track to the football field. I'm a deep threat, vertical threat and I can stretch the field. I love the fact that I'm going to the black hole. I'm excited to get out there."

Normally, Raider fans are a little touchy when it comes to the idea that Al Davis is building a track team rather than a football team, but Jacoby Ford offers something a bit different in that he has really good hands and ball skills. This guy will have an opportunity to develop into a dangerous return man and given some time to work on his route running, he could prove to be a deadly slot receiver. He could be a real Wes Welker type of guy for the Raiders, only with track star speed.

Fifth Round Pick Walter McFadden:

"I just recently heard the good news about Groves coming; I played with him at Auburn. It's my first time in California, it will be very exciting."

Now the trend is to be excited to be an Oakland Raider. Of course, most of these guys are mainly excited to be in the NFL period. I can't say that I blame them...I guess getting to go to a team in California is a perk in and of itself as opposed to a team like Minnesota, Green Bay, or Buffalo where it is bitterly cold and boring.

"I'm ready to get in and make my presence known so we can start out winning and get to the super bowl. I just wanna show my coverage skills, my ability to tackle, my enthusiasm what I was taught to do, hopefully I can bring my experience to them."

I think that you may want to let their experience come to you. But what do I know, I'm just an outsider. From what I saw of the highlight reels on this kid, he looks like he is very explosive for a guy who Sports Illustrated called a "small cornerback."

Six Round Pick Travis Goethel {pronounced Gay-thul}:

"I'm down here in San Diego, all my friends are Chargers fans, and I'm ready to shut ‘em all up."

I have to say, Travis, we in the Raider Nation are all ready for Chargers fans to shut up too. I'm not sure what you are doing in San Diego, being that you played your college ball in Arizona, but my advice would be to get out of there as soon as possible. Tell me, Travis, what are your plans once you get to Alameda?

"I'll expect to get in there and find out where I fit in, because I know they've drafted the number one backer in the land, Rolando McClain. I'm going to go in there and be the hardest working guy in there and do whatever it takes to make this team win."

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic when you call McClain the "best backer in the land" or if you are just paying your respects. I do have a feeling that they want you to help on special teams. Did you hear what Raiders head coach Tom Cable said about you?

"Goethel excites me because he is a true inside linebacker that's a tough downhill player. I think he enhances our special teams."

I think that is a challenge Mr. Goethel, now Goethel forth and enhance the special teams!

Just for fun, here are some Sports Illustrated Screw Up's:

Oakland Selects Explosive WR Jacody Ford With 108th Pick
From Sports Illustrated

Raiders Select Aggressive Safety Torri Williams With the 190th Pick
From Sports Illustrated

LMAO, Jaco"D"y Ford? Where have you been SI, under a rock? Everybody knows that two guys from Clemson ran the fastest 40's at the combine, evidently, one was Jacody Ford.

And who in the heck is the other guy? I followed the entire draft and I never saw the Raiders draft him. In the words of my three year old son, "What in da World?"

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