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Sprint's Biggest Game Changer For the Oakland Raiders II: Al Davis



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There are many detractors of Mr. Davis in the NFL and every single one of them has got to be impressed with the work that he and his staff did over the past month and especially in the last few days.

Not only did Mr. Davis get two fantastic edge rushing, linebacker/defensive ends with professional experience for a late third and fifth round selection he brought in the perfect quarterback for our system, Jason Campbell. A thank you should also go out to former Raider Bruce Allen on this one as he is the one who traded Campbell to his old boss.

The Oakland Raider draft picks shut up every single person who thought the old man would stick to his fastest player available theory and draft Bruce Campbell in the first and Jacoby Ford in the second. I can still hear the talking heads during the combine talking about how Campbell and Ford would be Raiders. Well, they were right, in a way, they ARE Raiders, they just weren't reached for like our two draft picks, Darius Heyward-Bey and Mike Mitchell were last season.

This season, three FOOTBALL players were selected in the first three rounds and there were the two players with Raider speed who look good coming off the bus in the 4th Round and they are both reporting to Alameda on Friday to begin learning how to be Raiders.

Thank you Mr. Davis and team, you are this week's game changer.