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The Bruce Campbell Imaginarium: First and Goal From Inside The 3 Yardline

When you have a physical specimen such as Bruce Campbell on your team, the minds of coaches and fans alike will wonder about all of the scenario's that could be effected by the addition of a 315 pound body that runs a 4.78 40 and is capable of lifting a trailer truck.

This afternoon, I was wondering about whether or not B. Campbell could play RG this season and then my mind wandered to the possibility of a McFadden, Bush and Ford Wishbone, when I suddenly saw Bruce Campbell lined up in the backfield and lead blocking for Tonga or Bush.

This is where the Imaginarium comes into play. Imagine what force he could generate by accelerating at 4.78 speed and running 7 yards before he hits the line. Oh My!!!

I now wonder if the coaching staff is thinking the same thing? I ask you...Should Bruce Campbell be inserted into a short down package?