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John Clayton Reports: Raiders Preparing To Release JaMarcus Russell

UPDATE: Comcast Sports Net is reporting that it could be as soon as tonight.

Thanks to word2bigbird for first reporting this:


Clayton said it is not a matter of if, but when Russell will be cut. He also said the team could release Russell before Oakland’s minicamp, which runs Friday through Sunday, and that there is no trade market for him. The Raiders will save more than $6 million if they cut Russell this year.

First of all, I tend to trust what John Clayton says.

Second, with the way that the Raiders operated during last week's draft, this move would perfectly follow suit.

Cutting JaMarcus Russell would cut 6.5 million off of this year's targeted salary and would allow the team to go after a DT or veteran wide receiver.

The move would also show that the Raiders have turned a corner with hoe they are ruining running this franchise.

One has to believe that the vibe surrounding the Oakland Raiders is changing and that Oakland is looking much more attractive to players who are not interested in playing for cellar dwellers. This will definitely be the case once JaMarcus Russell is cut.

Once JaMarcus Russell is cut, you may want to get your season tickets back ASAP or you may be shut out this year.