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My Draft Brain Is Bursting Due To Options:

It is quite possible that Bruce Campbell will slip to the 2nd Round...IF he does fall into the Oakland Raider laps at #38, then Dan Williams makes a TON of sense at #8...Then again, if we could grab Bulaga AND Campbell in the first two rounds, is that NOT the best option?

Will Terell Troup make it to the top of the third AND will Pat Angerer still be there late in the third?

Should we take Bulaga, Cam Thomas, Syd' Quan and Angerer?

After 5 years of mocking the NFL Draft and looking, in depth, at the choices...This year is BY FAR the most confusing...And also the the one with the most potential...I mean has anyone thought about running Gerhart as a FB? Then wouldn't Bulaga/Williams/Williams, Gerhart, Troup and Angerer be a victory? With three picks left?

With Langston Walker recently re-signed and Khalif Barnes already in the fold, we only need to add on O-Lineman in the first two rounds, but what if Campbell was still sitting there at #38, after Bulaga was already on board? What would you do?

Man, my brain is wracked!!!! And wrecked!!!

I'll see those of you who are going to the A's game tomorrow, I'll be playing drums for SHEETS!!! To the rest of you...Cheers!!!

- Raymond