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Rumor Mill: Lions Want to Trade No. 2 Pick in NFL Draft

On baseball's opening day, I came across a story concerning the second overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft that is currently held by the Detroit Lions. Rumors have been out there before, but there's nothing like a new report dealing with the same rumor.

The Lions have the second overall pick in this month's NFL Draft, but Gil Brandt of the NFL Network doesn't think they want to keep the selection.

Detroit could trade down to acquire at least one more pick in the draft.

Now, this is particularly interesting to our Oakland Raiders. With the second overall pick at our disposal, possibilities are basically limitless. The St. Louis Rams seem pretty intent on drafting quarterback Sam Bradford out of the University of Oklahoma with the first pick. That really helps us out assuming we have the second overall pick since we're not in the market for a quarterback, or so it would seem. Don't put anything past Al Davis.

In 2009, the Raiders finished the season ranked 29th against the run. What's the position you'd more than likely most want to target if you want to stop the run? Defensive tackle would be that position and we'd in a position to draft either Ndamukong Suh out of the University of Nebraska or Gerald McCoy out of the University of Oklahoma. Many experts have not only rated those two as the top defensive linemen, they have also rated them as the top two players in all of the 2010 class.

Now, how do you acquire the second overall selection? Do we even want the second overall pick? I would want it, yes. What is the asking price? Well, the Lions ranked 32nd in the league last season in pass defense and we've heard cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha's name in trade talks before. I think the Lions would like to acquire a pick or two down the line and pick up somebody with the magnitude of an Asomugha to boost that horrific pass defense.

What say you, nation?