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Mean streaks win streaks: Oakland's path back to glory

The following list is comprised of men selected for the single quality most noticeably lacking on Oakland's roster over the past decade. This quality is found in a range of players having varying skill levels at various positions. In a word, that quality is "aggression." The scouts have their generic metrics but also weigh-in on certain select intangibles, like leadership and aggression - they've been referring to the latter as "mean streak."  When a "mean streak" is detected, scouts place it in the positive column because it's considered an asset. The ancient warrior civilizations prized a man's ruthlessness in battle (and gentleness in peace) and in the context of war (now football) revered and honored a man of great thumos - the capacity for intense directed anger and aggression.

As for the soft effeminate athletes and coaches who've managed to infiltrate the Raiders over the past decade of decadence, they are becoming known by their deeds and lack of deeds: Javon Walker was recently cut and JaMarcus Russell spirals ever downward into the abyss ignominy while Tom Cable must win early or face his just desserts.

Oakland would benefit by purposefully pursuing and acquiring players with that burning drive to dominate, who stifle any urge toward compassion or clemency towards opponents or themselves. Oakland was once the safe harbor of such throw-back sons of epic times and can be so again.

These future NFL tone-setters are going to make a difference wherever they land.  We should consider whether a few of them might make a favorable, even decisive, impact on our team. 


Russell Okung - Oklahoma State (HT: 6-5¼ - WT: 307 - 40: 5.17) Projection: 1st Round


Bryan Bulaga - Iowa (HT: 6-5⅜ - WT: 314 - 40: 5.26) Projection: 1st - high 2nd Round



Mike Iupati - Idaho (HT: 6-5⅛ - WT: 331 - 40: 5.26) Projection: 1st-Round


Mitch Petrus - Arkansas (HT: 6-3⅛ - WT: 310 - 40: 5.29) Projection: 4th Round


Chris Scott - Tennessee (HT: 6-4⅝ - WT: 319 - 40: 5.49) Projection: 5th Round


Brandon Carter - Texas Tech (HT: 6-5½ - WT: 329 - 40: 5.36) Projection: 5th-6th Round


Shawn Lauvao - Arizona State (HT: 6-2⅞ - WT: 315 - 40: 5.29) Projection: 5th-6th Round


Doug Palmer - East Carolina (HT: 6-3 - WT: 315) Projection: 7th Round-UDFA




Matt Tennant - Boston College (HT: 6-4½ - WT: 300 - 40: 5.16) Projection: 2nd-3rd Round


 J.D. Walton - Baylor (HT: 6-2⅝ - WT: 300 - 40: 5.24) Projection: 3rd Round


Eric Olsen - Notre Dame (HT: 6-3⅞ - WT: 306 - 40: 5.23)  Projection: 6th Round



Jeff Byers - USC (HT: 6-3⅜ - WT: 301) Projection: 7th Round



Mike McLaughlin - Boston College (HT: 6-0¼ - WT: 236 - 40: 4.83) Projection: 6th - 7th Round

Brandon Spikes - Florida (HT: 6-2⅞ - WT: 249) Projection: 3rd Round (caveat: borderline character btw. heroic aggression and psychosis)



LeGarrette Blount - Oregon (convert him to FB)  6′0½″ 241 lb


NB. Defensive Tackles in this draft may lack deep-seated aggression but several show "flashes of mean streak"

E.g. Linval Joseph - East Carolina (HT: 6-4½ - WT: 328 - 40: 5.11) Projection: 4th Round



The Raiders are in positions that would enable six (6) of these players to come into Oakland through the draft. This is how it could be done:

OT - Bryan Bulaga with #8 pick -1st round


G - Mike Iupati #15 pick -1st round in an exchange with NYG giving them our #29 pick (2nd round), Kirk Morrison and CooperCarlisle.


C - J.D. Walton or MLB - Brandon Spikes #69 pick - 3rd round


DT - Linval Joseph #116 pick - 4th round


RB - LeGarrette Blount #148 pick (7th pick in 5th round ... a close shave but possible).


We do not have a 6th round pick.


Finally, If we took LB - Brandon Spikes (instead of Center J.D. Walton) in the 3rd, then we take Center - Jeff Byers with our 225th pick in the 7th round; if we took Center - J.D. Walton in the 3rd then we take LB Mike McLaughlin in the 7th.


We will have added 6 of the meanest sumbitches on turf to our beloved Raiders; a bold venture that would shock - nay, horrify - our countless enemies ... may their fears be realized.