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Cable's mindset: Playoffs and Championship

The words of Raiders' HC Tom Cable, during an interview he gave today on the Bay Area's ‘sports leader', KNBR, leave little room for doubt that he is of one mind with Al Davis. Congratulations to Tom for controlling an interview that attempted to swerve to Oprahesq subject matter throughout.

Ecce the Man:

"I think that we have spent a lot of time in the last year and a half trying to turn this thing into a competitive team and we've done that. I think the guys in that locker room expect, from myself and this organization, No B.S."

"Let's go out and work hard and become champions and get ourselves into the playoffs. That's our goal now. That's it."

"What's necessary is for us to stay the course and become a playoff team. That's what we are about. Who is here doing, is here because they want to be here and they want to work and they want to do it right."

"We're always about competition. Really, we've talked about JaMarcus. Let's talk about something else. He's not here anymore. You can only beat a dead dog so many times. So let's move forward. We've got a good young team."

Good job, Tom! Way to keep focused, stay the course, and not let the media, the distractions, any asshole or any lawsuit interfere with your raison d'etre and, perhaps, destiny - to lead the Raiders into the playoffs and, God willing, to take us to another Championship.