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Welcome to Planet Asomugha

You know the name, you know the face, and I'm sure a few of you have seen him up close and personal. Quarterbacks know his name and they don't want to throw the ball in his direction anymore. During the final four games of 2007, Oakland Raiders all star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha faced Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, David Garrard, and Phillip Rivers --- he was thrown at just four times. That was two seasons ago, yes, but this past season he improved his game enough to earn Associated Press All-Pro honors for the third consecutive time and earn his second straight starting Pro Bowl appearance (third overall appearance).

Mike Shanahan, the former Donkeys head Coach, said before a game between the Raiders and the Broncos in 2008, "I've never met him but I'm going to shake his hand after the game because I keep on looking for him but I never get a chance to talk to him. He's one of my favorite players, even though he is with the Raiders. That shows you how much I like him."

Many others, around the league, call him the best cornerback in the league. QB's and coach's around the league are learning that he is a true shut down corner who you'd be lucky to obtain a completion against, and it certainly wouldn't happen twice in a row. So now the question posed by those who have nothing better to do with their time than to compare one player to another (like me) is: Who is better, Nnamdi Asomugha or Darrelle Revis?

Well, to start my argument off on the right foot, let me begin by saying I bet you've never heard New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick say, "I wanna shake Darelle Revis' hand after this game, because he is one of my favorite players."

I'm certainly going to answer this question for you though. It is my opinion that if Revis has an island, then Nnamdi deserves a planet: Planet Asomugha. It is an idea first posted by a man simply named "Bobby" in an chat with the Raiders superstar cornerback. Bobby asked Nnamdi the following question: Is it true that when WR's come to visit Planet Asomugha, they never come back?

I could not help myself; the question sparked a thought in my head that has yet to die down. I felt immediately that I must make an impact with this "Planet Asomugha" saying and try to get it to stick because, in my mind, it was perfect to describe the realistic relationship of one CB to the other. Simple mathematics folks, surely you remember math from high school with the "proofs" such as: if Darrelle Revis is an island, then Nnamdi Asomugha is a planet.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and give you a bunch of numbers to compare the two elite NFL corners, this is a Raiders site, therefore the battle is going to be one sided. In 2007, opposing quarterbacks tested him only 31 times with 10 completions the entire season (1 interception, 2008 Pro Bowl Appearance).
In 2008, opposing quarterbacks tested Asomugha only 27 times with 8 completions allowed the entire season (1 interception, 2009 Pro Bowl Starter). In 2009, opposing quarterbacks tested him only 27 times and allowed 13 completions the entire season (1 interception, 2010 Pro Bowl Starter).

His tackling stats are not all that impressive, until you take into consideration that this is a cornerback who, most of the time, is not tackling the guy he is lined up across from to start the play. During this... shall I say slow period... in which opponents have been scared of him, Nnamdi has earned himself the reputation of being a vicious hitter. If you don't believe that, then watch this video.


Nnamdi is one of the hardest working and most motivated players in the league. Before people started to ignore his side of the field completely, he racked up an eight interception season in 2006. That stat was tied for third best in the league that year. That just happens to be the season before Darelle Revis even got drafted. Yet, despite all his recent fame in the league and recently becoming the highest paid cornerback in the NFL, Nnamdi Asomugha remains one of the most humble guys you'll ever meet.

"I take a lot of pride in my performance and preparation before games and I expect so much of myself. I think that's what allows me to play at the level that I play at and still keep a level head. I think any times that you've done the work beforehand, it allows you to be more relaxed and you don't have to talk about it. You can just let it show on the field," Asomugha told in an interview with the eight year pro.

He did continue on to say that it is a bit irritating being on the radar these days, "Of course it gets frustrating, and you definitely want more opportunities to make plays. Especially when you finish a play and you've got great position and you look back and the ball is not coming. That happens often. Hopefully I'll be able to be a little more involved this year in disrupting the offense and creating turnovers."

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski, aka "Jaws," once said, "Nnamdi plays with great intelligence. He understands how to play the position. He may not be the most gifted physically, But Nnamdi [talks] about reading routes, how the quarterback drops, things coaches talk about a lot of times [that] players don't get. He gets the cerebral side of playing the position."

His charity work with the Asomugha Foundation and OWIN recently earned him the 2009 Byron "Whizzer" White NFL Man of the Year award. Additionally, Asomugha distributes backpacks to the incoming freshmen each year at Narbonne High School in Los Angeles. He also outfits the football and basketball team with shoes, a mandate he wrote into an endorsement contract he signed with Nike.

Yes, in today's sports world of folks going to clubs and beating up strippers, NBA stars cheating on their wives and attempting to make it up with $4 million diamond rings, and every Bengals player on their roster getting arrested for some reason or another, Asomugha is a man amongst boys. Just ask Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger, who was recently suspended for not using his time more wisely.

Therefore, this man has earned a reputation and we must refer to his territory on the football field and in life as Planet Asomugha. Maybe if Revis is feeling lucky one day, he can ask Nnamdi nicely and perhaps Nnamdi will let Revis move his little island to Planet Asomugha. Until that day, Nnamdi stands alone.

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