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OTA Notes


WR's are having a much easier time catching the ball now that the gravitational pull of the QB is not great enough to alter the ball's flight path.

So, I am posting this hours and hours after this information was available. Better late then never, right? You can't really blame me, because: A) none of you damn slackers posted anything either and B) it is easy forget that Al graciously allows people to view only one day of practice. That day was Wednesday.

The off-season OTA schedule goes something like this: May 18th - 20th, May 25th - 27th, June 8th - 10th, June 15th - 17th. I believe Wednesday will be the day that the lucky members of the media will be allowed to watch the non-contact Organized Team Activities.

I was not one of the aforementioned lucky members of the media viewing these workouts, but I have read their accounts and I shall summarize them for you in easy to read and fun bullet points after the jump.

You can always read some for yourself, too: Here, here, here and here.

  • Great turnout. The only players not participating were excused because of injuries or school requirements. Injuries: Grad, Chaz and Shaugnessy (hamstring tweak on Tuesday). Graduation rule: Lamarr Houston, Bruce Campbell and UDFA Alex Daniels.
  • Graduation rule? Can someone explain this to me? I am so glad the NCAA has the best interest of the young men at heart. "I am sorry Alex Daniels you can not attend your NFL teams OTA today--even though you may need it to secure the best job you'll likely ever have the opportunity to get, because you have to be at school. You won't actually be doing anything at school, but that comes first and it is very important to your future."
  • Chaz is going to be carried around on a bed of pillows until training camp to keep him from injuring his foot.
  • Nick Miller practiced and looked %100. I wonder if the team will feel obligated to keep him this year after wasting a roster spot on his non-healing shin? I think the odds are against him. There's no way he, Jacoby and JLH make the squad.
  • Khalif Barnes spent his day working with the second team at LG. Second team LG is almost like a starter on this team.
  • Hue Jackson appears to be adding more of his offense than adapting his offense to Cable's. I am not sure what this means for the Zone vs Power blocking.
  • Langston Walker got his reps with the first team at RT. This may be a sign of more power blocking.
  • Mr. McClain (his name until we officially settle on his nickname) held his own against OT's. I think I could probably do this in non-contact drills, but hey--it was reported and I like the sound of it.
  • Quentin Groves flashed his speed and beat McFadden to the outside on a sweep toss. This is no  small feat, considering non-contact workouts are known in the McFadden household as money time.
  • The Passing game struggled as they worked against blitz schemes and in red zone situations. Decision making was listed as a the main reason.
  • Hey, the passing game struggled against blitzing...the Raiders were practicing blitzing everyone!
  • Cable is the good cop, saying he liked what he saw and they will get there with protection and reads and Jackson is the bad cop busting people after mistakes.
  • Curious move of the day award goes to, Jared Veldheer getting some reps at Center. 
  • Tyvon Branch started calling Chris Johnson names after he dropped his 3rd potential INT. 
  • At least one of the reporters noted a vastly different feel and vibe from last years OTA's.  
  • 114 days 'til the Clash against the Titans!