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Welcome to my live chat. Here's how it works, just post a question in the comments section and I'll answer it. The page will automatically refresh, so please give me a second to answer the questions. Here are a few things you may or may not know before we get started. And I got a question for you guys too: Which team do you dislike most in the Raiders' division, and which team outside of it?

RB Chris Johnson's holdout could be just what the new and "improved" Raiders run defense needs for the first week of the 2010 season. According to several different sources, neither side is budging. The Titans expect Johnson to "be a professional" and honor his contract, and Johnson understands the average career-span of a running back in the NFL and he wants more money right now. This holdout could certainly last through training camp, and possibly into the season. Keep your fingers crossed.

Brian Westbrook is likely to be a Bronco. I haven't really been following Denver (Surprise!) so I just learned of this today. It appears the Donkey's have an appeal for aging former Philadelphia Eagles players. Perhaps Westbrook will give them a couple of good games this year, and with the luck the Raiders have, it would be the two games against them right?

Bill Williamson is convinced that Bruce Gradkowski has no shot to be Oakland's QB opening day, saying, "The Raiders didn't trade for [Jason Campbell] and then extend his contract so he can be the backup. I know Oakland coach Tom Cable talks about an open competition. But come on. Campbell is the guy. End of story."

Chaz Schilens is out until training camp. I gotta say I like the move; if it was up to me, I'd keep him out until opening day just to make sure he's there to help set the tone for the season.

There is still no Richard Seymour in Raiders camp. You guys can say what you want about Seymour, but that sack of Phillip Rivers on opening night last year where he split two offensive lineman and grabbed Rivers one handed by the shirt was the absolute most impressive sack I've ever seen in my life. PAY THAT MAN!!

Jason Campbell is getting comfortable in the offense, but he hasn't bought a house yet. Is anyone selling real estate?

Bruce Gradkowski has a sling-less arm, but Coach Cable said he won't do any physical work on the field until Training Camp. Gradkowski, however, said he could be throwing sooner than that. He is shooting for early July. Gradkowski was disappointed by the trade for Campbell, but also excited because it will make the team better. Both QB's are excited about working with new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

Michael Bush opened Wednesday's OTA's getting reps with the first team ahead of Darren McFadden. While the competition is ongoing, it appears, the Raiders are willing to give Bush credit for being the better early-down back of the two. NBC Sport's thinks that McFadden's draft status will not affect the final decision.

Cable's press conference on Wednesday:

"We're going to try and have as much blitz pressure as we can and that's on a daily basis, at least every other day throughout OTA's, and that's another emphasis for the offense. I like what I saw, they're going to get there sometimes, but as they get more confidence and understand what they are doing, we'll pick it up better and throw the ball better."

On shuffling offensive line: "I think it's just moving some pieces around there, trying to expose them to as much as we can."

"Our attitude has changed because of where we are headed and what we are."

"Our football character, our football IQ, which are two things I think are very important are growing every day."

Jason Campbell after Wednesday OTA practice:

"The best time to get used to everyone is now, during the summer. Today was pretty much a blitz drill; all day long. It's not just for us; it's for the offensive line to see different looks, for the defense to see different looks. It was good on both sides of the ball, I felt like guys competed. You know, the defense is going to make some plays on blitz and the offense is going to make some plays. It's definitely exciting to be able to do all these drills because it's a lot of teaching tape."

"I'm definitely excited about what I'm seeing; a lot of guys out here fighting and screaming hard. It's a young football team, but at the same time, we have a lot of speed. Guys are willing to work because they want to win...that's what we're all here for."

"I think we all know who most of the starters are going to be, but at the same time everyone is out here competing like it's an open field. You wanna get better, and the only way to get better is competing against each other. The offense is talking to the defense and the defense is shouting back. It's a very competitive environment and that's what you want to see."

"The guys here have been great too. They've all embraced me and I've gotten a chance to know them off the field as well, so we're getting to know each other."

"With Zach [Miller], everyone knows he's an extreme talent at tight end, just like [Chris] Cooley. Cooley is a guy who helped us stretch the field in Washington because of his ability to make plays and Zach has that same type of mentality, so I look forward to connecting with him."

"When you go fast in practice, then you get into games and things tend to slow down for you and that's how it should be. Sometimes I think practice is the hardest thing to go through because you have to go through so many situations, so many environments, but you don't have pads on so it's hard to see a lot of things as far as a run game, but at the same time everyone wants to get to their assignments and techniques."

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