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SABP Special Feature Player Interview-Talkin' With Tyvon


Greetings Raider Nation, Silver And Black Pride is proud to be bringing you our 2nd offseason special edition monthly installment of Talkin'  With Tyvon, from Oakland Raiders starting strong safety, Tyvon Branch.

Following the completion of the first week of OTA's with some of his new teammates, the SABP staff had the opportunity to pose some questions to Tyvon which you can read about after the jump.

Tyvon will be here with us during this offseason on a monthly basis, then during the season will be back to the normal weekly slot.

Tyvon will be checking in here with the blog from time-to-time as he gets the chance, so pose your questions to Tyvon and he will do his best to answer your questions. Also, don't forget to check out Tyvon's Facebook page, he keeps it pretty fresh and has some cool videos from the locker room too.

What's up Raider Fans?? I hear you guys heard about me clowning on the young guns who seem to drop to many balls. I called him out, that's for sure. Nothing mean, just letting him know that footballs are meant to be caught...haha. It has been a good few weeks at the facility. Team seems to be bonding together and really learning some key things for 2010. The season cannot come soon enough!!!!



SABP: With the influx of new players, some adjustments in positions and schemes, how do you think things are progressing this year as compared to last?

TB: The team seems to be together. Both on the field and off. Scheme wise, everyone is getting better. Another season has really allowed some of us to step up and take charge. Although this is a complex game, it is all about making plays. That is what we plan to do in 2010.

SABP: Have you gotten to see our 2010 rookie draft class defensive players on the field yet? If so, what do you think of them very early on?

TB: There are some tough players out there. Obviously McClain is a top talent and will contribute right away, but all these guys seem to be getting the systems down decently well. There is a big jump from college to the NFL, so it is important that the veterans really work with these guys to show them the ropes, and teach them the intricacies of the game.

SABP: Now coming into your third year, what, if anything, do you feel is lacking from your game---and how would he correct it?

TB: There is so many aspects in which I need to improve.  Coverage down the seam is important, as is my overall leadership on and off the field. This is a job and something I take seriously. I want to be great.

SABP: With the addition of some highly talented players this offseason on defense, do you believe that coach Marshall will be planning to run a stunt-intensive defense this year?  

TB: Well I don't want to give away too many secrets, but I think this defensive is full of energy and ready to work.

SABP: How has Rolondo McClain looked to you on the field regarding his composure and field presence?

TB: He is going to be a great player in this league and in our system. We all know what he did in college and what kind of football player he is, now it is all about learning our system and adjusting to the NFL.

SABP: What particular element of the game are the coaches placing a lot of emphasis on during the OTA's for the defense?

TB: Energy. We want to be the defense that flies around the field. We are implementing some things that will really shake up some offenses and make this an exciting team.

SABP: From what you have seen so far this offseason, does the offense look more stable and confident now that there is a veteran presence at QB?

TB: We don't interact to much with those guys, but from what I have seen, Jason is going to be a great player in this system. He has been in this league for a while and understands some things that are really going to change our offense. I am looking forward to seeing it.


Thanks Tyvon and we will be looking forward to next month’s segment.