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Oakland Raiders Late Round Draft Update: How Are They Doing?

Some of you will recall that we had a big board for this year's draft and we were updating it throughout.

The purpose of this article is to focus on the 5th-7th Round players that were on our Big Board and see how they are doing, so far, compared to the players that we selected.

With so many quality linemen selected, these 3 DBs and 1 MLB had better shine in Oakland.

Raider Pick: Walter McFadden

McFadden looked raw at the rookie camp, but is coming on in OTAs. He may just push Routt out the door.

Players on our Big Board selected after McFadden:

Cam Thomas - Cam showed up for his first day and was issued #76, Jamal Williams old number 76. he is working his tail off and looks to be in the rotation at DT.

Mitch Petrus - Petrus is the guy that Blanda and I talked up to Jim Otto and he agreed that we needed a strong BULL on the line. With Kevin Boothe's injury and placement on the PUP list, Petrus will most likely make the 53 man roster for the Giants.Apparently, according to the New York Post, he has the make-up to push for a starting job.

John Skelton - This strong armed quarterback was intriguing as an Al Davis pick. Arizona, according to KFFL, sees him as a project that may be able to compete in 2011.

Matt Tennant - Tennant has the ability to play Center and Guard and some in New Orleans think that he will be starting at Center by the time the Saints break camp

Sam Young - One of Blanda's "Mean Streak" players, Young has made an impression in Dallas, but is still seen as a project.

Dan LeFevour - I have a sinking feeling that many teams are going to regret letting this QB slip into the 6th Round. he signed a 4 year deal with the Bears and is currently 3rd on the depth chart. Don't be surprised if you see him move up to 2nd by teh time camp breaks.

Eric Olsen - Olsen is fitting in nicely with the other rookie linemen in Denver and may make the 53 man roster.

Raiders Pick - Travis Goethel - This MLB has seen time at MLB AND FB in Camp. I see him as a good tackling special teams player.

Players on our Big Board drafted after Goethel:


Raiders Pick: Jeremy Ware - Ware has put himself into the mix with McFadden, Mitchell and Routt for the Nickle/Dime spot. He is fast and he hits hard. I look for him to be a gunner on ST.

Players on our Big Board drafted after Ware:

Kyle Calloway - Looking like a reserve Guard

Syd'Quan Thompson - The Broncos think enough of "Squid" that they signed him to a 4 year deal worth 1.847 million. Not bad, for a 7th rounder! I really hope that he is NOT the one that got away.

Selvish Capers - May be ready to start at tackle by 2011-12

Sean Canfield - The QB that I wanted in the 7th Round. He is sharing snaps with Brees, but looks to be a #3or 4 QB once the Saints sign a veteran back-up.

Raiders Pick: Stevie Brown -

Players on the Big Board selected after Brown:

Legarrette Blount - He may make the Titans

Well, Nation, there they are. All of the players that we can look back on that went in the late rounds. I must say that I have no complaints about the first 4 Rounds, but we will see how the bottom half of the draft shakes out.