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Not Really a Story, More Like Some Tidbits

I have these feelings burning inside of me and they are not really organized. There is not enough material to post an article about each one individually, but they are definitely topics of conversation that I believe will ake people think a little bit. I'm not gonna lie, some are bizzarre, so only proceed if you are brave.

First off, I want to speak in response to the Buffalo writers who keep saying that Oakland is the most likely landing spot for Terrell Owens. I want to speak to them because I want to know why they think that. T.O. had a quietly productive season in Buffalo, so why is it that a team from across the country that is most certainly familiar with his actions while he was a 49er want to sign this loser? In my opinion the most likely landing spot for Terrell Owens is right back in Buffalo in about Week 5 of the regular season when the pathetic Bills realize that they don't have anybody their who will catch passes, let alone someone who can throw them.

Which brings me to my next puzzler: Will JaMarcus Russell play football in 2010? It looked, for a second and a half, as though Russell was bound to be a Cincinnati Bengal in 2010. I can't say I blame the Bengals for at the very least being very patient about it. I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb here. I predict JaMarcus Russell and Terrell Owens both end up in either Cincinnati or Buffalo. What do you think Raider Nation?

Breaking off the subject of players for a moment, the possibility of the Raiders going to Dallas to play them as an extra exhibition during a practice week before they play the Cowboys in the preseason has been brought up by some as a real possibility lately. I just have one thing to say about it, I hope it's an outside week of practice. Remember last year when the Cowboys training facility collapsed, trapping some players and coach under the weight of the building. Ya, this could be a ploy by the NFL to continue holding down the team of the decades right. What if Jerry Jones (or worse, the NFL) rigs this thing to fall again on top of the up and coming Raiders squad? That would be so uncool.

Everybody is all hyped up about talking to Hue Jackson, 'We need an interview with Hue Jackson, he's got personality, we need to talk to him.' Why is that mainstream media, so you can ask him stupid questions about JaMarcus Russell? 'Hey Hue, are you sad that you won't have the opportunity to turn JaMArcus Russell's career around?' Yeah, you guys always ask the questions the fans want to hear. I want to know what Tom Cable plans to do with the Offensive line. What are the plans for the defensive tackles? Is Seymour going to play more defensive tackle? But no, you Oakland Tribune writers and SF Gate writers only want to know more about JaFatLard to the point that the head coach has to be like "QUIT!"

Sorry, that was venting a little I guess. This is raw Nation, this is uncensored (to a point) and uncut.

And Bill Williamson says. "This grievance doesn’t solve anything." I disagree, the Raiders are doing it to prove a point. Nobody messes with Al Davis. Davis doesn't pay if Davis doesn't want to just ask "Lance" Kiffin and Mike Shanahan. Mike almost paid Davis to take Jason Campbell off his hands for crying out loud. I agree with the guy who commented on and said something to this effect: Al Davis has a lot more money than JaMarcus Russell does and he will run Russell through the courts until he can't take it anymore. He doesn't want the $9.55 million back, he just wants to break JMR's will unitl the guy feels bad for himself.

Sorry there is so much about Russell in here. I sincerely apologize, just trying to create conversation. One last thing before I go. I just want to make sure everybody knows that Tyvon Branch was named most underrated NFL player this year but

And with that, let the chit-chat begin!