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Ice Cube's Oakland Raiders ESPN Film

Ice Cube, then in N.W.A., welcomed the Raiders to Los Angeles in the '80s. [via]

In case you haven't heard, ESPN has been running documentary films covering the last 30 years in sports -- the 30 years since ESPN first debuted in 1979. The 14th documentary of the 30 for 30 series is a movie by O'Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube, and it's about our Oakland Raiders. Debuting on May 11 and called Straight Outta L.A., Ice Cube's film will explore the relationship between the Raiders and the citizens of Los Angeles.

On ESPN's official site of Ice Cube's film, you can check out start times and further information on the film and filmmaker. Also, for those who haven't heard it, Ice Cube's "Raider Nation" song is available on the right side after you scroll down for a little bit.

Here are some details on the movie:

In 1982, Raiders owner Al Davis beat the NFL in court and moved his team from Oakland to Los Angeles. With a squad as colorful as its owner, the Raiders captivated a large number of black and Hispanic fans in L.A. at a time when gang warfare, immigration and the real estate boom were rapidly changing the city. The L.A. Raiders morphed into a worldwide brand as the team’s colors, swagger and anti-establishment ethos became linked with the hip-hop scene that was permeating South Central Los Angeles.

I've watched four 30 for 30 films covering topics such as the Miami Hurricanes football program in its glory days, the rivalry between Reggie Miller's Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks of the '90s, the high school trial of Allen Iverson and Ricky Williams' hiatus from the NFL. All four of those films I enjoyed were totally fantastic. The next one about the Raiders is sure to be another spectacular one. I highly recommend it to not only Raiders fans, but also NFL fans in general. You will not be disappointed.

Below is an excerpt from the film featuring another rapper, Snoop Dogg.