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Two Top Five Lists; One JaMarcus Russell Article

As JaJoking and JaLaughter fill the air around Oakland, it is JaImportant not to forget the Legacy of JaBroni Russell. After all, if he is not the biggest (No pun intended) bust in NFL history, he certainly is the biggest (literally) bust in Raiders history.

The purpose of this article is to address an issue that other Raiders writers like Cam Inman will not discuss. Cam held a "Live Chat" as soon as Russell was released on Jerry McDonald's page. During the chat, Cam discussed almost all of the JaMarcus Russell issues on the fans minds. He even told one guy what to do with his #2 Jersey, "Why do you fools buy jerseys with active players' names on them? If you are going to spend money, do it on someone who has proven his worth. Or just go trade it in for a Tebow one."

Yeah...go trade it for a Donkey's jersey. That's going to happen. Inman hit a lot of topics, but there's one issue Inman would not touch on. One questioner asked him, "What were your favorite JaMarcus insults or nicknames? I like JaPrecious."

Inman replied, "I have never heard of a player with more nicknames (enhanced by the power of Internet message boards). All nicknames were very degrading, so I won't mention them. Plus, his name was a unique blend of two men special to his family, so mocking the "Ja" aspect also seems crude."


Well, guess what Raider Nation...I have a #2 jersey, and I have no issues whatsoever with discussing this issue. In fact, I'll even give you a top five of my favorite JaMarcus Russell insults and nicknames. I'll get my $70 worth out of it too!

Here we go, let's start with the insults. Keep in mind that these quotes are from around the internet, they are not from me, but rather straight from Raiders fans.

5. Russell can laugh all the way to the bank, but people will be laughing at Russell for the rest of his life.

4. He's trash and will always be trash. He won't succeed anywhere with his attitude. Who wants to baby a guy in the pros?

3. And the question doesn't become "what is next for Russell?" .... it becomes "Who cares?"

2. It really doesn't matter who starts at QB next year. Just knowing it WILL NOT be JaMarcus gives me a lot of hope for the season.

1. They could have drafted a pig, an actual PIG that snorts and rolls in mud, and their record for the JaMarcus years would be no worse.

And now, for my top five favorite JaMarcus Russell Nicknames.

5. JaPorkus (JaPorkchop)- I have to put this one on here, just because it was so popular, this was right up there with the highest number of times used.

4. JaMeatloaf- Again a reference to his weight that was highly and widely used on the interenet.

3. JaFumbles- This one describes his play during the '09 season. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was an instant classic.

2. JaWalrus- This is definitely a great one. This is one that people will remember 20 years from now and they'll say, "Hey who was that guy that used to play for the Raiders, remember he was a number one pick?" And their buddy will be like, "Yeah, JaWalrus." It is also a refrence to a nickname he previously had, J. Russ; someone added the "wal" later on.

But the number one nickname of all time...

  • 1. JaBustus- Not only does this describe what he ended up being in his life, but it also refers to him having a bigger bust than most women when it was all said and done. And that deserves to be number one.

Feel free to add your own insults and comments. Don't forget to get your JaHard JaEarned Jersey JaMoney's JaWorth.

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