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Is The Raiders Signing of DT John Henderson, Sprint's Game Changer in Oakland?

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Okay Oakland Raider fans, the Raiders just added the missing link to their 2010 defensive puzzle in the shape and form of 6 foot 7 inch 337 pound John Henderson, formerly of the Jacksonville Jags.

In 2000, Henderson was the Outland Trophy winner who played on the same interior line as Albert Haynesworth.

Henderson has been a Two-Time Pro-Bowler, most recently in 2006.

Henderson has tallied 29 sacks,forced 8 fumbles, defended 38 passes and tallied 423 tackles in his 8 year career.

So, what does he bring to the 2010 Oakland Raiders, who according to Adam Schefter, just inked a one year deal to wear the Silver and Black?

At first glance I see his 38 passes defensed and his 6 foot 7 inch height and think about him clogging the middle on passing down and allowing Kelly, Houston, Seymour and a blitzer to get to the QB. He is averaging nearly 5 passes defensed a year. That is pretty incredible.

He is coming from a 4-3 defense, so he should transition really well and he has shown to be an above average run stuffer, although he has declined over the past 3 seasons.

His decline may be due to a lack of complimentary help on the defensive line and that should be NO problem in Oakland with Kelly, Seymour, Scott, Shaughnessy and Houston on the line with him. Let's hope that he has a rebirth in Oaktown and leads us to the promised land.

There it is Raider fans, your 2010 Oakland Raider Defense. Can I get an A-Men from the congregation? Just when you think this off-season can't get any better...It just DID!!!