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Is Albert Haynesworth The Missing Piece or An Unnecessary Distraction?

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Let's just go right on ahead and address the 350 pound gorilla in the room, Albert Haynesworth. he could be a Game Changer on any team that he joins, then again, he could be a bigger baby than JaMarcus Russell and the Oakland Raiders just shed that baby fat for good and definitely do NOT need more useless blubber.

So, let's take a look at five reasons, combined, that make Oakland one of the more reasonable places for Albert to not only land, but to succeed in.

1) Albert has stated that he wants to play in a base 4-3 Defense. He is so adamant about it that he has not practiced with Washington yet (Washington is implementing a 3-4) and says that he will NOT report.

The Oakland Raiders, to a fault in many of our opinions, are a strict 4-3 base defense. Al Davis believes that he can get enough of an upfield push from his 4 down linemen that he doesn't believe in blitzing. Well, that is fine if you have a defensive line of Richard Seymour, John Henderson, Albert Haynesworth and LaMarr Houston. Oh wait, that would be our starting front defensive four? Hmmmm?

2) Haynesworth and John Henderson were dominant when they played together, in College, at Tennessee. There is great familiarity between these two and although I am not sure what their current relationship is like, I have to believe that reuniting these two would be another reason for Haynesworth to have success in Oakland.

3) Al Davis. Mr. Davis has shown that he is not afraid to acquire top line talent and he is also a player's owner who many players love playing for. Some of us, myself included, have seen this approach backfire with players like Warren Sapp and D'Angelo Hall who took advantage of the situation and played like they didn't have to win to get a check.

I think that players like Nnamdi Asomougha, Richard Seymour, Rolando McClain and Tyvon Branch will not allow players to pull those same tactics and they will lead by example. I think that they could handle Haynesworth.

Also don't forget the relationship that Bruce Allen and Mr. Davis have. I am firmly convinced that the Raiders were able to acquire Jason Campbell because of that connection.

4) Mike Waufle is back in Oakland and he is a top line defensive line coach. He has the trust of the organization and has been one of the most successful D-Line coaches in the NFL in recent years.

5) With the Oakland Raider's feeble record for the past 7 years, there is no way that Haynesworth's value would drop if he pulled a Moss. I mean how much lower could it get now anyway. But he would get serious consideration for Defensive MVP if he played 100% and the Raiders made the playoffs.

So, to re-cap; Haynesworth would play in a base 4-3, be re-united with John Henderson, be coached by Mike Waufle, can only improve his value by coming to Oakland and is as likely to end up in Oakland as anywhere because of Al Davis' connection to Redskins GM Bruce Allen and is never afraid to pull the trigger on a player of Haynesworth's caliber.