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Raiders and Nation emerge from Hibernation ... Oakland back on map

For all its diversity of membership, the Raider Nation is a tight group held firmly as a unit by a transcending passion for all things Silver & Black. And although the home of the Raiders is not what one would consider a tourist destination, Oakland and its surrounding tributaries know both football and how to party as though Oakland were center of the universe. Because the cultural expression of Oakland is 100% tied to the Raiders, the past few years have taken a toll. Raiders' spirit, though continuous, has declined in numerical expression - the stands half full and games blacked out. 

While the most die-hard faithful continuously attended home games (some even traveling to away games, e.g. Ozraider) during the recent years of hardship, the city of Oakland, as well as the Raiders, underwent a sort of hibernation. This hibernation, many (perhaps most) believe, has ended with what has been without doubt our best postseason this century.  Moreover, the torch of Bear Bryant has been passed down to Coach Cable, now that that  bear cub has matured into a Big Bear, he is destined to lead the Raiders and the Tide's finest - now a Raider. 

It is most fitting, therefore, that when the Raiders return victorious from their conquest against the Titans we as The Nation also emerge from hibernation and show itself in massive force for our team's meeting with the invading Rams on 9/18.

I for one will be at the coliseum early for our home opener to party like a wild Gypsy (or Jew) in advance, throughout and after our fated victory. Let's make this day in history even more memorable by doing our part - filling the holy-ground coliseum and parking lot, filling the air with bar-b-que smoke, music, raised voices, and the stands with Silver & Black clad members ... and put the disgrace of blackouts behind us. 

This this video serves to depict our coming out of our Van Winklesque slumber into the light and vibrant life - a revitalized Nation full of consciousness, joy and confidence. 

Music duel: Jewish klezmer vs Gipsy music - Train de vie (via monge86)