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Elements of successful Tailgating

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I haven't a lot of experience tailgating so this tailgating piece is about half theoretical. Anyway, to get it rolling, here goes:

The successful tailgate often happens spontaneously - as many of the best things in life do. However, to increase the chance for success an advance recon team is sent in the evening before the game to establish territorial perimeters on the grounds for the sub-tribe brethren and sistren who will arrive on game day. For this purpose, a minimum of four vehicles is advisable.  After the vehicles mark the perimeter, stake-less tents and Ale-coolers are  placed in such a way as to form a rough boundary and for ease of access. With grills lighted and a couple cold ones under belt, a game of football will afford amusement and provides a natural means of bonding with the neighboring sub-tribes. Note, enthusiasm during improvised play is common and being on asphalt and with tackling happening, it's advisable to bring a first-aid kit and plenty of ice. Remember that whatever you eat or drink may be vomited out if you take a shot to a relaxed gut; so hold your abs firmly while in the game. 

On that note, my favorite cut of beef for grilling is skirt steak which always comes out perfectly. The preferred beer is actually ale - Racer 5 IPA and trusty and true Lagunitas IPA are vied at the top.

Now, please tell of your ideal Tailgating plan, or the best tailgate experience you had (without giving out her name), or how the tailgate should be done.

Here, for the heck of it, is a video of Jose' Greco - one of the great Flamenco dancers.