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Should Jim Otto's Image Be ON The NFL Logo?

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I recently saw a photo of Jim Otto with grass stains all over his uniform and I thought to myself, "That is the image of what a TRUE football player is". Then I got to thinking that IF Jerry West can be the NBA's Logo, then who would be better as the NFL's logo than the man, who, in my opinion, represents the true passion, commitment and heart that should exemplify the NFL, Jim Otto?

His 00 is already iconic and he received special permission to switch from his first number with the Raiders, #50 (Which he wore for one year), to 00 because of the connection to his name, "Aught Oh", or, quite literally, 00.

It is strange to think that the man who passed over, because of his lack of size, by the NFL coming out of The University of Miami and wound up with Oakland would not miss a single game due to injury, including pre, regular and post season games. That is a total of 308 consecutive games.

It is no wonder that when Sons of Blanda asked him if Bruce Gradkowski's knee injuries would have taken him out for the season, Otto replied, "The season? I wouldn't have come out of the game!". This was not a former player showboating or grandstanding, his body of work backed up that claim. His body of work has also cost him a leg, which he now has replaced with a Silver and Black prosthetic one. 

I know that this is Raider Nation that I am talking too, but, is anyone more deserving of being the image of the League than Jim Otto?