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Open OTA Day: He's Baaack

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Someone catch him before he lands, please.

According to Jerry McDonald, Chaz was back on the practice field today. What? Chaz is ahead of schedule? That Burger King commercial with the pigs flying is truth. Although I still don't think they should be eating pork. A couple of other nuggets from J Mc:

  • DHB continues to impress. The only drop he had was on a difficult sideline catch. He is catching the ball clean and making plays.
  • More no shows, including: Seymour, Asomugha, brothers slacker C Johnson and T Kelly,Sam Williams, Isaiah Ekejiuba, William Joseph, and the kickers.
  • Joseph, Williams and Ekejiuba...really? Come on dudes. You're hanging by a thread.
  • CJ and TK? You are two of the most overpaid players left. They need to not only set an example, but bust their ass to have a better season.
  • It is hard to bust on Nnam, especially since he has made the other OTA's and he really doesn't need the work, but Nnam you are the highest paid player on the team. Hopefully this is just a one day absence.
  • Seabass and Lechler's absence doesn't bother me, which may be a double standard, but they are kickers after all and neither has anything to prove.
  • Rook DB's McFadden and Ware got lots of reps with CJ and Aso gone and Routt suffering from muscle stiffness. It sounds like the WR's had their way with them.
  • The flip side of that is the passing game keeps looking better and better.
  • Two new faces, Tackle Allen Smith, UDFA from Stanford and Elliot Vallejo, who spent time on the practice squad last year.
  • Langston Walker is out until training camp after having a surgical tune-up to his elbow.
  • Do you think the loose bodies in Walker's elbow are as big as regular bodies?
  • Eric Pears took first team reps at RT in Walker's place.
  • Lamarr Houston got into it verbally with Satele. Houston is feisty. I think he has got into it with someone each day the media has been allowed to watch. And they can't even hit each other yet!
  • New hope for the season: personal fouls drawn by Houston>personal fouls committed by Houston
  • I'll update this post, if I see anything worth updating it with.