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The Beginning of the Beginning

The Oakland Raiders have begun their descent into the Napa Valley for training camp 2010. Are you guys ready for some football? I am. You know how I know I am? Just the fact that players are arriving at the training camp hotel has me tackling a wild pack of dogs in my backyard. Those dogs, who were likely rabid and use to the taste of human flesh, were no match for me. Those chihuahuas left with their tales between their legs.

According to Jerry McDonald The first bus to arrive carried the rookies, free agents and...Richard Seymour. Seymour was the first player off the bus.

"For me, it’s a time of year that you come and you lay the foundation for the season. Camp is the foundation you build your success on," Seymour said.

"During the season you’re spending so much time with game plans and focusing on your opponents that you really don’t have the time to work on a lot of individual things. This is my time where I really get into me and focus in on the things I need to do to make myself a better player. Come and knock some of the rust off and be ready to go.’’

I had my doubts that Seymour would even attend training camp. As a cynical sports fan, I figured Seymour--like so many franchised players before him--would use his quest for a long term deal to hold out until right before the season and then sign his franchise tender.

Not only did he sign his deal early, but he is riding in the rooking bus like George Washington captaining his boat on the Potomac. If I had any doubt before, it has been erased. I am on board of this new look pirate ship. This is the dawn of a new era of Raiders football.

Some other notes:

  • Greg Biekert has been added to the defensive staff. Biekert was always a smart player and captain of the defense. He seems like an excellent brain for McClain to pick.
  • Speaking of McClain, he was not on the rookie bus. I hope and expect he will be in camp soon with a shiny new contract.
  • The Cable Guy has said Trevor Scott is going to be an OLB, but Scott expects to see time at end as well and just wants to be on the field.
  • If you haven't, please read The Raider Way's post below about the passing of Jack "The Assassin" Tatum. A true Raider legend. His passing cast a gloom over this otherwise glorious day, but let it remind us all of the way he played football. He was a true Raider. I would love to see the Raiders play with a 32 patch this year.